genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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California, United States


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State/Province : Latitude: 37.269175, Longitude: -119.306607


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Harold Clair  24 Jun 1923California, United States I17558568733
2 Cable, Don Keith   I5659045666
3 Castagnini, Zaira  07 Oct 1905California, United States I601062695
4 Cramblet, Florence  17 May 1935California, United States I8779328797
5 Davis, Robert Allan  19 Nov 1924California, United States I8779324755
6 Draper, Janet  Abt. 1929California, United States I17558566898
7 Fitzgerald, William Bernard   I17558569258
8 Franck, Catherine W  24 Sep 1916California, United States I17558566492
9 Herrold, Kathleen Ann   I17558570786
10 Hynson, Charles Allen  2 Sep 1872California, United States I17558572046
11 Iblings, Diane  16 May 1947California, United States I601062440
12 King, Earle Martin  16 Jan 1910California, United States I8779329690
13 Monette, Edward  California, United States I8667844846
14 Morrill, Sadie  Abt 1881California, United States I8779192214
15 Rodriguez, Lena  Abt. 1912California, United States I8779329063
16 Rodriguez, Mary  Abt. 1914California, United States I8779329066
17 Root, Josephin  Abt. 1908California, United States I17558559891
18 Root, Pearl  Abt. 1915California, United States I17558559883
19 Shady, Debra Joy  23 Dec 1954California, United States I8779329218
20 Silsby, Donald H.  8 Dec 1918California, United States I8779192877
21 Vallee, Gabriel Lee  13 Feb 1919California, United States I8779328816
22 Vallee, George  Abt. 1921California, United States I8779328817
23 Vallee, Lonnie  Abt. 1922California, United States I8779328818
24 Vallee, Virginia V  Abt. 1927California, United States I8779328814
25 Wofford, Clyde  28 Aug 1912California, United States I8779324390


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aanestad, Nancy Jane  22 Feb 1985California, United States I5857878782
2 Anderson, Sylfest Mauris  1931California, United States I5857879182
3 Bush, Obadiah Newcomb  1851California, United States I17558564555
4 Caverly, Joseph  9 Nov 1986California, United States I17558570147
5 Dahl, Helga Elnora (Twin)  1973California, United States I5857879201
6 Dahl, Karl Pedersen  5 Sep 1960California, United States I5857880209
7 Duff, Stella  Jul 1909California, United States I8779326935
8 Gleason, Marie  California, United States I8779326420
9 Hagen, Gullick A  5 May 1911California, United States I5856886542
10 Hendry, Howard W  01 Oct 1986California, United States I8779329290
11 Hill, Lilly  1973California, United States I8779191638
12 Hunter, Thomas Oliver  26 Oct 1934California, United States I17558566623
13 Irish, Jane Evelyn  May 1998California, United States I5857884194
14 Lueddemann, Werner Helmuth  Jan 1986California, United States I8667772868
15 Matthias, Alice Helen  23 Oct 2002California, United States I8667772850
16 Mcdonald, John G  1851California, United States I8779181832
17 Melton, William Manning  California, United States I8779192155
18 Rule, Thomas Johnson  24 Jun 1853California, United States I8779191640
19 Shady, Debra Joy  24 Dec 1954California, United States I8779329218
20 Stedman, Lloyd Charles  06 Oct 1954California, United States I17558561000
21 Sterud, Nina  13 Feb 1959California, United States I5857879923
22 Taylor, O Landing  14 Jun 1912California, United States I8779326936
23 Watkins, Stena G.  Bet. 1915 and 1981California, United States I1122065004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Aanestad, Nancy Jane  California, United States I5857878782
2 Dahl, Helga Elnora (Twin)  California, United States I5857879201


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boswell / Palmer  25 Apr 1927California, United States F8026689410
2 Cotton / Tennison  California, United States F8026689537
3 Lachapelle / Rodriguez  Abt. 1929California, United States F8026691183
4 Smith / Ross   F5350807311