genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States


Tree: Master Tree

City/Town : Latitude: 40.474034, Longitude: -88.984326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Danahay, Daniel   I8779328395 Master Tree 
2 Danahay, James  24 Jul 1931Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328324 Master Tree 
3 Danahay, Mary Kay   I8779328392 Master Tree 
4 Danahay, Michael   I8779328394 Master Tree 
5 Danahay, Patricia   I8779328393 Master Tree 
6 Fitzgerald, Marianne   I17558571771 Master Tree 
7 Haley, Mark Hugh   I8779328373 Master Tree 
8 Haley, Robert Dale   I8779328372 Master Tree 
9 Handley, Margaret Elizabeth  30 Oct 1909Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328368 Master Tree 
10 Hansen, Douglas Donald   I8779328593 Master Tree 
11 Kinsella, Sheila A  18 Dec 1943Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328331 Master Tree 
12 Peine, Gregory Stephen   I8779328436 Master Tree 
13 Peine, Stephen Gregory  27 May 1976Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328437 Master Tree 
14 Sutter, Jacqueline Ann   I8779328596 Master Tree 
15 Walker, David Davis  19 Jan 1840Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I17558564597 Master Tree 
16 Webber, Michael Dennis  21 Nov 1946Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328330 Master Tree 
17 Weber, Barbara Jane  21 Jan 1927Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779183288 Master Tree 
18 Weber, Carole Ann   I8779328378 Master Tree 
19 Weber, Catherine Ellen   I8779328429 Master Tree 
20 Weber, Daniel James   I8779328383 Master Tree 
21 Weber, Donna Joan  02 Oct 1947Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328357 Master Tree 
22 Weber, Jaclyn Maureen   I8779328502 Master Tree 
23 Weber, Janet Marie   I8779328430 Master Tree 
24 Weber, Jeffrey Alan   I8779328433 Master Tree 
25 Weber, Joan Marie  05 May 1942Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328370 Master Tree 
26 Weber, John Edward  09 Dec 1956Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328381 Master Tree 
27 Weber, Joseph  08 Oct 1959Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328382 Master Tree 
28 Weber, Julia Marie   I8779328418 Master Tree 
29 Weber, Katherine Marie   I8779328503 Master Tree 
30 Weber, Laura Ann   I8779328432 Master Tree 
31 Weber, Margaret Ann   I8779328501 Master Tree 
32 Weber, Mark Kenneth   I8779328417 Master Tree 
33 Weber, Mary Frances   I8779328379 Master Tree 
34 Weber, Melanie Claire   I8779328504 Master Tree 
35 Weber, Norma Jean  01 Feb 1933Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328323 Master Tree 
36 Weber, Patrick Lawrence   I8779328376 Master Tree 
37 Weber, Roger Gerald  27 Aug 1934Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328354 Master Tree 
38 Weber, Sharon Marie   I8779328380 Master Tree 
39 Weber, Terrence Joseph  03 Mar 1939Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328355 Master Tree 
40 Weber, Thomas Joseph   I8779328377 Master Tree 
41 Wood, MaryAnn   I8779328428 Master Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arteman, Clara Barbara  24 Sep 1987Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328350 Master Tree 
2 Fincham, Joy  17 Dec 1985Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328367 Master Tree 
3 Fitzgerald, M Emma  25 Oct 1956Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779183274 Master Tree 
4 Fitzgerald, Richard Eldon  29 Sep 2009Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779181745 Master Tree 
5 Fitzgerald, Theresa Grace  17 Mar 1958Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8778844481 Master Tree 
6 Fitzgerald, Wilbur Bernard  5 May 1977Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779183279 Master Tree 
7 Kinsella, Sheila A  23 May 2004Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328331 Master Tree 
8 Kopp, Alta Marie  24 Dec 1991Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328346 Master Tree 
9 McKeown, Agnes  08 Jul 1959Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779183283 Master Tree 
10 Mercer, Harriet  24 Oct 1869Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I17558564613 Master Tree 
11 Walker, George E  28 Oct 1864Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I17558564612 Master Tree 
12 Weber, Francis Lawrence  05 Aug 1995Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779183286 Master Tree 
13 Weber, Joseph  08 Oct 1959Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779328382 Master Tree 
14 Weber, Joseph Basil  13 May 1967Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779181715 Master Tree 
15 Weber, Mabel Veronica  13 Dec 1991Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779181721 Master Tree 
16 Weber, Ralph Francis  16 Jan 1975Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States I8779181720 Master Tree 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Auth / Fincham   F8026690990 Master Tree 
2 Bellina / Weber   F8026691010 Master Tree 
3 Danahay / Weber  17 Jul 1954Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States F8026690975 Master Tree 
4 Hansen / Weber   F8026691055 Master Tree 
5 Harris / Weber   F8026691052 Master Tree 
6 Keim / Weber   F8026691025 Master Tree 
7 Lyden / Weber   F8026691053 Master Tree 
8 Menken / Weber   F8026691004 Master Tree 
9 Weber / Blake   F8026691054 Master Tree 
10 Weber / Kopp  23 Nov 1921Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States F8026690985 Master Tree 
11 Weber / Sutter   F8026691056 Master Tree 
12 Weber / Wood   F8026691003 Master Tree 
13 Weber / Wypeski  23 Feb 1946Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, United States F8026690980 Master Tree