genealogy of the valley and fitzgerald families
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Missouri, United States


Tree: Master Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 38.304558, Longitude: -92.436773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Shrum, Thomas Jacob  27 Aug 1884Missouri, United States I8779191729
152 Spiva, Clara  Abt 1853Missouri, United States I8779191374
153 Spiva, George A.   I8779191915
154 Spiva, James E. Jr.  Abt 1848Missouri, United States I8779191372
155 Spiva, Jasper Edmund  1870Missouri, United States I8779191911
156 Spiva, John Craddock  Abt 1842Missouri, United States I8779191367
157 Spiva, Lawrence Anthony  Abt 1875Missouri, United States I8779191910
158 Spiva, Leonard  Abt 1878Missouri, United States I8779192518
159 Spiva, Rosanna  30 Sep 1837Missouri, United States I8779191360
160 Spiva, William E.  1871Missouri, United States I8779191369
161 Starkey, John Wesley  20 Mar 1877Missouri, United States I8779191710
162 Tamblyn, Bessie  Abt 1875Missouri, United States I8779191913
163 Thompson, Eliza  1785Missouri, United States I17558560273
164 Timmerberg, Craig Arthur  15 Jul 1915Missouri, United States I8779324749
165 Tinnin, Nancy Leannah C.  Abt 1858Missouri, United States I8779192447
166 Unknown, Lulu  1869Missouri, United States I8779193178
167 Unknown, Mary  Jan 1872Missouri, United States I8779193199
168 Vallee, Antoine  1 Sep 1800Missouri, United States I17558568108
169 Vallee, Catherine  Abt. 1838Missouri, United States I17558568191
170 Vallee, Elizabeth  Abt. 1842Missouri, United States I17558568193
171 Vallee, Isom C  Abt. 1845Missouri, United States I17558568194
172 Vallee, John  Abt. 1840Missouri, United States I17558568192
173 Vallee, Mary A  Abt. 1835Missouri, United States I17558568190
174 Van Slyke, Addie B.  24 Apr 1878Missouri, United States I8667775519
175 Villars, Augustus D.  Jun 1864Missouri, United States I8779192529
176 Villars, Claude  3 Mar 1907Missouri, United States I8779192889
177 Villars, Gerald A.  19 Mar 1895Missouri, United States I8779192886
178 Villars, Louis  Jun 1867Missouri, United States I8779192530
179 Wallis, Blanche A.  11 Nov 1888Missouri, United States I8779192222
180 Wallis, George Daniel  20 Feb 1868Missouri, United States I8779191695
181 Wallis, Hawn James  20 Feb 1904Missouri, United States I8779192255
182 Wallis, Jacob L.  4 Dec 1860Missouri, United States I8779191686
183 Wallis, James D. Drury  19 Nov 1863Missouri, United States I8779191688
184 Wallis, Maud Octovene  12 Feb 1890Missouri, United States I8779192254
185 Wallis, Permelia  24 Jul 1893Missouri, United States I8779191697
186 Ware, Nathaniel  06 Sep 1800Missouri, United States I17558561076
187 Weismantel, Elza  Abt 1877Missouri, United States I8779191596
188 Weismantel, Rose  Abt 1880Missouri, United States I8779192533
189 Welker, Jacob W.  2 May 1887Missouri, United States I8779191731
190 Welker, James A.  7 Feb 1859Missouri, United States I8779191676
191 Williams, Olive Sarah   I8779192428
192 Wills, Maggie M.  Abt 1884Missouri, United States I8779191591
193 Winslow, Mary Ann  16 Jul 1805Missouri, United States I17558561077
194 Winter, Verna Leona  11 Sep 1911Missouri, United States I8779329370
195 Wizemantle, Jacob  Abt 1854Missouri, United States I8779191595

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